Stommen HQ

From the very start of this project the vision has been clear. Our goal is to create Sweden’s best workplace and meeting space at Stommen HQ. Together, we’re part of something bigger and extraordinary.

Stommen HQ contributes to an increased exchange of experience, knowledge and contact networks within the Group, which will lead to new business opportunities and an enriched community.

We want to build an office and meeting place that our employees are proud of and where we all want to invite our customers, suppliers and other colleagues and give them a fantastic experience when they visit us.

Cross-company collaborations and agreements that lead to cost savings make us competitive in the short and long term and enable future investments.

Stommen HQ’s strategic location at E4 provides a natural marketing site that contributes to increased recognition of all companies.

Stommen HQ

  • Project type: New development
  • Type: Office and showroom
  • GFA (Gross floor area): 7800 m2
  • Construction start: Q2 2022
  • Construction complete: Q2 2024