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A great legacy to build on.

Brafab is one of the Nordic region’s leading outdoor furniture companies and we have thousands of outdoor furniture and accessories in our range. With us, everyone should be able to find their favorite piece of furniture, and regardless of whether you want something easy to care for, something exclusive or are looking for a special style, you can always trust that the furniture has been produced with care.

In order to maintain a consistently high quality, with innovative solutions and innovative materials, solid product work is underway behind the scenes where the focus is on the details.

A great legacy to build on

We are no metropolitan residents, but we understand the value of thinking big while acting locally, personally and honestly. We are the ones we are due to having been active in the industry for 90 years.​

The travelling salesman Bror Carlsson started the company in 1935 when he sold brushes, home-made baskets and ladders from his truck bed to the farms in the areas surrounding Össjö. When the son Rolf started in the company, sales were started directly to other companies, and in 1975 the company transferred to an expansive wholesale business.

From this comes the service spirit and the hard work required to give life to stable growth. The corporate culture is characterized by being born and grown up in the shovel, where you have fun and created yourself with pleasure. A creative entrepreneurial spirit that recognizes the value of being able to mass-produce, import and grow. A spirit that values ​​personal customer relationships in particular. For us, a handshake is as much worth as a signature in ink. And it is as important to the relationship with the customer as with the supplier and the reseller.

Our business

Today, Brafab employs about fifty people, distributed at headquarters in Norra Össjö, warehouses in Markaryd and companies in Asia. Now, just like before, it is in our DNA to think big and innovative while at the same time protecting the local, personal and honesty.With a strong spirit of service and belief in the importance of personal relationships with both customers, suppliers and retailers, we lead our business towards a future where outdoor environments are becoming increasingly important for our homes.

Outside is the new inside. Let's talk!